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A short introduction of's features. - overview

This is the first post in a series which aims to explain the basic functionality of

The entire idea of came from the need to manage and track down our growing list of plants. We have tried various methods to manage our plants and every time we came up short on an efficient system for handling them.

Since we have a fair amount of experience in web development/system administration, in the end the creation and development of was the natural step to take when managing our growing number of plants. Additionally we have started growing plants from seeds and these require a fair more attention than the established plants.

Additionally, the mentioned genera that we mainly grow (Adenium and Pachypodium) are fairly difficult to grow in my region and require special care for the soil, watering cycles, light and so on. They are not the most beginner-friendly genera to grow.

So in the end, what does offer? We will list below a few of the major features that are currently implemented or in the process of being implemented:

  • website account management. This is done using third party providers like Google or Facebook (more are in the course of being implemented).
  • create and manage your plants.
  • share your plants with other users (given the permission, they can also manage your plants).
  • add log records for your plants (watering, repotting, anything else that is of importance).
  • add scheduled actions for your plants (one time or recurring schedules)
  • keep the plants private or share them publicly
  • in development: plant cards. Will allow, when the species is correct, to gain access and/or share your knowledge of that species with other people.

The above are just a few of the features that are either implemented or under implementation which we hope will provide value and easy management of your indoor garden.

We will come back with more detailed posts explaining the features in detail.